We invite members of the UC community to submit to this publication. We will review submissions as they are submitted via the form below.

Please review the submission guidelines before completing this form.
We also have a list of Frequently Asked Questions about writing and advertising with State Of.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. This sounds awesome. How can I contribute?
We are so glad you asked! To submit a piece to State Of, you can use this handy-dandy submit form with your article, a short bio about yourself and a picture that you would like included. Within 3-5 days, our editors will get back to you with our revisions and let you know if your piece has been selected.

2. What would be required of me? When are my deadlines?
Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, so when creativity strikes, let us know and submit a piece!

3. What do you look for in each piece?
Since this is your space, we are not strict about what we want in each article. You can submit anything – whether it’s a news story you felt needed coverage, an opinion on an issue within a UC, or a fun lifestyle piece about the University of California. We want this to be a place where you feel free to express yourself, so do not feel obligated to fit a specific mold.

4. How long do you want each article to be?
Strong articles tend to be within 500-750 words. Anything below that can be difficult to understand, and anything above the range tends to lose the reader’s attention. These are not strict regulations however, so if you find yourself going a little above or beyond, don’t fret.

5. What are other things I should be keeping in mind?
If your article has triggering content, please note that in the first line of your article.

Also, if you conduct any interviews, be sure to get their preferred gender pronouns, preferred name, campus and major (if applicable).

If you use any statistics or data, please provide an online link or reference to where you got the information.

6. For the bio, what are you looking for?
The bio is a 1-2 sentence introduction of yourself with your name, major, campus and year. Don’t hesitate to add a fun dash of personality. Take this bio for example:

Julia Schemmer is a first-year student at UC Riverside studying Public Policy. Her goal is simple: to put the ‘lit’ back into politics.

Don’t stress out about the bio. We just want to have a brief introduction of who you are!

7. For the picture, what are you looking for?
The picture will be right next to your bio when the post is published. Use whatever makes you feel comfortable – whether it’s you and the dog filter on Snapchat or a photo you’d use for LinkedIn.

8. I’m from a CSU, private college, or community college but I still want to submit something. Can I?
Your perspective is always welcomed. Feel free to submit a piece and we will get back to you within 3-5 business days with our revisions and status of publication.