Pass the Mic: Entertainment Edition

Pass the Mic: Entertainment Edition

By Julia Schemmer | June 25, 2016

We asked students from various University of California campuses what made entertainment options on their campus unique, whether it’s their music festival attracts thousands or the nightlife surrounding their school is constantly active.

We want to know what school ranks the best in entertainment options! Check out what some UC students had to say:


“Personally, I like to go out locally to the bars and breweries. I frequent all the bars on southside and a small brewery downtown called The Jupiter. They serve craft-brewed ciders and beers there. Most people take the BART to go to San Francisco, where there are a ton of things to do.” -Tiana Buttice, third-year Political Economy major

Pass the Mic 1

Tiana and her friends enjoy a night at a local bar and community favorite, Kip’s


“It depends what you define as unique. Entertainment Council was more active in the past in roping in alternative music acts, but most of their headliners in recent memory as of the past few years are largely mainstream acts. They’ve been branching out into other forms of entertainment recently, however, with events such as open mic nights.” -Roman Rivilis, 2016 UC Davis graduate


“I go and hangout in Newport a lot! Mainly all the athletes live over there, so all the people that live on campus will head to Newport and go hangout there on the beach either with a bonfire or a game of capture the flag in the dark. Then after, I usually go to a friend’s house to play cards.” -Raegan Castillo, first-year Education major


“113 NCAA championships speaks for itself.” -Aaron Boudaie, first-year Political Science major.


“We do suffer in nightlife (the bars are not as cracking out here to be honest) but our music festivals and Barn shows are legendary. From Porter Robinson’s insane 90 minute set at Heat 2012 to BADBADNOTGOOD’s Barn performance last year, and even Chicano Batman’s free show outside Rivera this year, we definitely have the best performances.” – Aaron Grech, 2016 UC Riverside graduate


“I would say Sun God would be the biggest event. It’s unique in the sense that Associated Students puts off funds for a giant concert. Past artists we’ve received include Drake and Snoop Dogg. This year, we had Miguel, Nico & Vinz, Louis the Child, and Great Good Fine Okay.” -David Guevera, first-year Economics major


“Off the top of my head, we have this quarterly show called Slugs In Fishnets, which is a student reenactment of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.” -Austin LaGrand Downs, third year International Relations and Education major

Whether it’s the beaches of San Diego or the exciting city life of Los Angeles, University of California students know how to make each moment count. What campus do you think has the best options for entertainment and activities? Let us know in the comments below!

Julia Schemmer Julia Schemmer is a first-year Public Policy major at UC Riverside and Media Intern for the UC Student Association. Her goal is simple: to put the lit back in politics.

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