Student Lobby Conference (SLC) — Sacramento, April 16-18

By Julia Schemmer | June 25, 2016
From Saturday, April 16th until Monday, April 18th, over 300 UC students came to the state Capitol to learn the basics of lobbying and civic engagement. The weekend was full of important activist development trainings, such as a briefing on the California budget and the bills that the UC Student Association supports.

“It was a great experience to advocate for myself,” says first-year student Omer Sohail. “I’m also a Public Policy major so real life experience is always a plus.”

The conference
demonstrated the power that students have when all three hundred students flooded the Capitol on Monday, April 18th to meet with their local representatives for discussions regarding higher education issues surrounding mental health, food insecurity, and campus climate. Graduate students had the opportunity to present their research in the first ever graduate student symposium, and awards were given out to the Student Advocates of the Year. Their voices were heard and their presence was felt, as the UC Students Association also coordinated a press conference with student speakers and elected representatives, which included media coverage, to make elected officials aware of their legislative duties to UC students.

How’s that for an extended weekend!?

Julia Schemmer Julia Schemmer is a first-year Public Policy major at UC Riverside and Media Intern for the UC Students Association. Her goal is simple: to put the lit back in politics.

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