Envisioning a chance where students across majors, campuses and experiences would have a powerful common ground to share their narratives, State Of was born.

Together at a cafe, filled up with caffeine and a vision to instill greater unity across the University of California system, a few student advocates decided that it was time to create a platform for students across majors, campuses, and experiences to share their narratives.

Our stories highlight the State of the University of California today.

But what is State Of, and what makes it unique from an already existing on-campus newspaper? Unlike most college newspapers where the news centralizes on occurrences on and around the campus community, this is a space where students of all different campuses can shed light on their college experience, write about events and campus activities, and highlight stories that matter to them. It is a space where all UCs can collectively derive inspiration from, seeing what happens at other universities as a source of empowerment to bring the change to their own campus.

Often forgotten in social movements is the power of our words and art to create long-lasting change. Especially in a research institution like the University of California, it can be difficult to be a writer, artist, poet, or musician due to a lack of resources for personal development. Yet, our words and our art is the foundation of movements. People notice when UC students speak out, and this is our place to do that.

When we stand united, we stand unstoppable. Every single impactful student movement has been a result of communities coming together for causes greater than themselves, with the dream of bettering their educational experience. What affects one UC campus affects us all, and this is our chance to stand unified, despite all the external factors trying to divide us. Although we differ in our backgrounds and unique experiences, we can stand in solidarity and support with one another with the common goal of leaving the UC in a better state (get it?) than what we first found it in.

We believe that State Of is pioneering a new way to strategically communicate as a united body ready for collective action. Whether you’re studying biology in the Bay, or English in the Inland Empire, your experiences as a University of California student matter.

The issues that set your heart on fire matter, and now it is your opportunity to amplify your voice while standing with a quarter of a million UC students affected by the same issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is State Of?
State Of is an online newspaper representing the voices, opinions, and happenings of all University of California undergraduate, graduate and professional students, staff and faculty across all ten campuses.

2. How is State Of related to the UC Student Association (UCSA)?
UCSA is the official student association for all undergraduate, graduate and professional students across the University of California system that works to create a more affordable, accessible and quality UC. State Of is a project of the UCSA.

3. Is this the official news source for the University of California?
No. Although we represent concerns across the University of California, we are not connected to the University of California in any official way.

4. What type of content do you produce?
We publish news stories related to higher education, provide event coverage across the ten University of California campuses, showcase opinions from students, staff and faculty, and write features related to the University of California experience.

5. What is the goal of State Of?
The goal of State Of is to provide a collective voice for the interests of the undergraduate, graduate and professional students, staff and faculty serving the University of California. Although we are aware that each campus has their own campus newspaper, we wanted a space where all students could come together. When students come together, incredible things occur.

6. How can I get involved?
All members of the UC community are welcome to participate. Just submit your content for our review here.